Why ?

Holistic Productivity

In today’s world, technology tends to dictate our daily rhythm. In order to change that rhythm, many of us require intentional space, a new mindset and a clear map to follow.

For many of us, the pace of life has become faster, with a multitude of responsibilities simultaneously pulling us in different directions. We are becoming more and more connected to our devices, which can make us feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to accomplish everything we set out to do. We can feel isolated, stuck and unsure of where to start as we attempt to navigate all of the different responsibilities in our life.

At Holistic Productivity, we believe that everything we do is connected at a deeper level. Therefore, creating positive change in one aspect of our life can have a powerful impact in all areas. We believe that a profound shift is needed, one that gets to the heart of what we do and why we do it. For us, that can begin with transforming our relationship with technology.

How ?

Our History

Technology can be a source of stress for many people, especially since it continues to shift and change all around us.

This was the inspiration that led to the formation of Technically Simple in 2003, the parent company of Holistic Productivity. Tim Stringer, CEO of Technically Simple, helps people redefine the role technology plays in their lives so that it can become a source of freedom rather than a burden.

Since he began this work, he has been offering tangible services, such as Learn OmniFocus, to support people in a practical way. Yet, technology is simply a vehicle for change. The real change has to come from within, and Tim knows this better than anyone.

Who ?

Our Founder

In 2008, Tim Stringer was diagnosed with advanced cancer and his world was flipped upside down.

He realized that in order to fight the cancer, he needed to create the space to heal, and that started with examining how he was using his time and spending his energy. Tim has the unique ability to bridge the technical and the spiritual worlds.

He drew on his skills and practices from coaching, yoga and meditation, as well as the insights he learned from Getting Things Done (GTD®), and he developed an approach that intersects technology, productivity and mindfulness. Holistic Productivity was born from this experience and it has been helping thousands of people create the space they need for their own transformation ever since.

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