What is Inspired Action?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

— Goethe

The fourth pillar, inspired action, is all about stepping into action with enthusiasm and having this spirit carry you through even the most mundane or challenging activities.

There’s a tendency to put a great deal of emphasis on doing, with a goal of having things so that we can be a certain way. For example, if we complete a contract we will have money to buy a fancy sports car so that we can be happy. The fulfillment that comes from this approach is limited and short lived.

An alternate approach revolves around tuning into the being that is present when you get in touch with the positive results that you’re motivated to produce.

Adopting an inspired way of being, regardless of what you have or don’t have in the present, inspires actions that ultimately lead you to having what you want.

Doing from a place of possibility and inspiration creates an experience of life that tends to uplift you and the people around you. Even the most challenging and mundane actions can become manageable and motivating if they’re approached from an inspired place.

Practicing Inspired Action

Simply knowing that inspired action is important doesn’t make any difference. It’s important to treat it as a practice that is cultivated over time. Start small and gradually develop habits that become ingrained within your daily life.

Travelling Into the Future

When you have an aspiration, whether it’s getting back into shape or a dream to take your company to new heights, it can be very useful to step forward in time and imagine yourself in a time and place where your dreams have become reality. Notice how it feels to have reached that place and what obstacles you overcame to reach this future reality. This uplifting experience of a positive future naturally motivates inspired action in the present. Repeat this exercise if your enthusiasm starts to wane. You can be back in the driver’s seat within minutes.

Involving Others in Your Pursuits

Sharing your vision with people who are naturally enthusiastic and genuinely interested in seeing your aspirations take form can be very beneficial. In addition to helping to clarifying your destination and creating accountability, bringing other people along for the ride means that you’ll have someone to help lift your spirits if discouragement and procrastination start to rear their heads. You may encounter some naysayers along the way. Accept any useful advice they share, including potential pitfalls, but don’t let them quash your spirit.

“Very few people or companies can clearly articulate why they do what they do. By why I mean your purpose, cause or belief—why does your company exist? why do you get out of bed every morning? And why should anyone care?”

—Simon Sinek (Start with Why)

Timeless Wisdom

The Yogic Practice of Pranayama

The word inspired can be translated as “infused with spirit”. It’s a natural state of being that is rich with possibility.

One way to tap into inspiration is through the yogic practice of pranayama (breathwork). As we inhale (inspire) we draw in prana or chi, and through the exhale we can consciously release (expire) those things are no longer useful, letting go of what holds us back. Through this practice we tap into our vitality and establish a natural sense of flow.

The Age of Instant Gratification

Our modern times have afforded us vast amounts of information and a multitude of ways to interact. Our default tendency is to overindulge on these riches and favour short-term gratification over deeper, more fulfilling pursuits.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest that you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson