A Two-Hour Video-Conferenced Workshop to support you in transforming your life by applying Holistic Productivity principles.

This workshop is for you whether you're brand new to the Holistic Productivity approach or want to revisit the basics. You'll have the opportunity to not only learn, but experience this multifaceted approach to life and work and will walk away with a plan for creating positive transformation in a specific area your life.

Our Holistic Approach to Productivity

Humans and organizations are multi-faceted by nature. We’ve found that the most effective approach to productivity involves looking at a person or organization as a whole. And when you impact one area of your life in a positive way, this positive impact will also be felt in other areas of your life.

Workshop Overview

Learn, experience and apply Holistic Productivity principles.

The Holistic Productivity approach is built on four pillars. These principles encourages a life that is healthy, happy and fulfilling. Being optimally productive requires hitting the pause button regularly and reflecting and accepting life as it is in each moment. And focused action that stems from a place of inspiration makes it possible for us to truly shine in our life and work.

For the Holistic Productivity approach to have any impact it needs to be put into practice. During the workshop you and your group will be led through exercises designed to produce deep and meaningful insights and to set you on an inspired path towards purposeful goals.

More Information

How It Works & What's Included.

The Holistic Productivity 101 workshop is a group experience that is built on personal experience combined with interaction with other participants. You’ll be guided through exercises related to the four pillars.

During the course you’ll identify a strategic area of your life to focus on. One that will likely have a particularly profound impact across all areas of your life. To translate this insight into something tangible, you’ll identify a positive, new habit to create and one or more inspired actions that will produce this shift.

When you register for the workshop you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire. In doing so, you’re establishing your intentions for the workshop and setting the stage for transformation both during and after the workshop.

The workshop is designed to be the catalyst that creates a positive shift in your life. Once the workshop is complete you’ll further your learning and practice by:

  • Establishing a new habit. You’ll practice a productive habit that you identified during the workshop for 40 days straight. This consistency helps ensure that the habit is engrained and gives you practice and experience in the art of habit creation.
  • Taking inspired action towards a goal.  During the workshop you’ll identify one or more actions that will help create a positive shift in a specific area of your life. After the workshop is complete you’ll step into action, leveraging the accountability that you’ve defined during the workshop.

To quote the soccer player Mia Hamm, “success breeds success”. Having an experience of stepping into action and creating positive transformation is very likely going to inspire more transformation.

p.s. If you’re a Mac and iOS user and would like to take a deeper dive into Holistic Productivity, consider applying for the four-month Holistic Productivity for Mac & iOS course.

Your registration in Holistic Productivity 101 includes a workshop manual/workbook in PDF format and access to the Holistic Productivity 101 resource page. This page contains additional resources, links to recommended books and articles and more.

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