A Hands-On, Video-Conferenced Workshop to support you in managing ideas and goals using Trello.

Constantly having great news ideas…and aren't sure what to do with them? Wish you had an easy way to track your goals and share them with others? This is a workshop for you! We'll cover the basics of Trello and you'll be guided through the process of creating "boards" for your ideas and goals. You'll leave the workshop with a solid foundation and best practices to help you realize your ambitions.

What is Trello?

Trello is a popular project management tool that is used by people and all over the world. It has been adopted by companies ranging in size from startups to the Fortune 500. Trello provides a highly visual and interactive way of tracking and managing information and projects and can be used for both solo projects and team collaborations.

Workshop Overview

Learn the basics of Trello and create boards to track your ideas and goals.

Whether you’re working on personal projects and large team endeavours, it’s important to have a system in place to manage your ideas and track your goals, to help ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Trello is well suited to this task. It’s easy to use, highly visual and has plenty of power under the hood.

During the workshop you’ll learn the basic concepts of features of Trello as you create your own boards, lists and cards. By the end of the workshop you’ll be using Trello for one or more areas of your life and will have clear guidelines to follow as you continue to build and reference your database.

More Information

How It Works & What's Included.

Managing Goals and Ideas with Trello includes learning, personal experience and group sharing. The workshop includes the following topics and activities:

  • Learning the Basics of Trello. If you’re brand new to Trello, you’ll learn everything you need to use the basic functionality this solution provides. And if you’ve had some past experience with Trello, this will be a good opportunity to go back to basics and fill in any gaps in your knowledge and to refine your practices.
  • Create & Populate Trello Boards. As you go through the workshop you’ll be creating Trello boards and lists and adding cards corresponding to ideas and goals in one or more area of your life.
  • Learn Best Practices. It’s not uncommon for people to dive into a productivity system with great enthusiasm, only to leave it gathering virtual dust a few weeks later. During the workshop you’ll learn best practices to help ensure that you continue to stay motivated to make good use of Trello.
  • Group Sharing & Questions. As you go through the workshop you’ll be sharing with your group and will have the opportunity to ask questions. If you choose, you can even share your Trello board(s) with the group.

When you register in the workshop you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire. This will provide the workshop leader with more information on your experience with Trello (if any) and help you set intentions for your participation in the workshop. You’re also encouraged to make a list of ideas and goals that you want to organize into Trello boards so that you have some data to draw from.

If you’re new to Trello, please create a free account before attending the workshop.

This workshop is intended to be the foundation for using Trello on an ongoing basis in one or more areas of your life. Once the workshop is complete you’ll be encouraged to continue to update and review your boards regularly so that they’re an accurate reflection of your life and work.

Your registration in Managing Goals & Ideas with Trello includes:

  • Access to the Managing Goals & Ideas with Trello resources page. This page contains additional resources, links to recommended books and articles and more.
  • Recordings of Instructions and Best Practices. You’ll have access to recordings of informational portions of the workshop for future review. Please note that watching these recordings is not a substitute for attending the workshop and that group interactions won’t be included in the recording.

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