A Two-Part Video-Conferenced Seminar to support you in using your email effectively and efficiently.

This seminar presents best practices and practical techniques to support you in communicating effectively using email. None of this knowledge makes any difference unless it's put into practice. With the support of the group, you'll come up with a practical strategy for making effective use of email that you'll put to the test as you go through this two-part seminar.

Email and Productivity

When asked to share their biggest productivity challenges, people often include email management at the top of the list. Email has the potential to be a convenient and productive communication medium, but more often becomes a source of stress that leads to wasted hours. This seminar gives you an opportunity to transform your relationship to email.

Seminar Overview

Develop Your Email Strategy.

Taming your email is spread over two sessions, typically about two weeks apart. During the first session you’ll learn best practices for managing the deluge of incoming emails, composing effective emails and using email within a team environment. Working with other people in the seminar, you’ll formulate a plan to shift your email habits and to apply best practices.

Armed with a personal email strategy, you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice in your day-to-day life and work. In the second session you’ll reconvene with your group to share what worked, and what didn’t work and to fine-tune your personal strategies. The second session also includes additional strategies and techniques for taking your email productivity to the next level.

More Information

How It Works & What's Included.

The following topics will be covered during the first session:

  • Best practices for dealing with the deluge of incoming email. We’ll look at how the filtering features included with most email software and services can help. We’ll also look at how third-party services such as SaneBox and unroll.me can help.
  • How to write effective emails. This includes writing emails that are clear and consistent, how to make good use of the subject line and being mindful of who’s going to receive the message.
  • Using email in a team environmentEmail is most effective if there’s a plan in place.

Based on these best practices, you’ll work with other people in your seminar to formulate a personal email strategy that takes into account the type of work you do, email culture within your organization and engrained habits.

Between Session 1 and Session 2 you’ll have the opportunity put your personal email strategy into practice. This typically includes:

  • Rethinking the Inbox. For example, you’ve developed around using the inbox as a to do list (something we don’t recommend) you could start the process of putting a new practice in place, that might include making use of an “Action” folder and a task manager.
  • Refining Your Email Habits. As we’ll discuss in Session 1, email can become addictive. If you’re in the habit of checking email more frequently than you need to, your personal strategy may include starting to reduce this frequency, shifting towards more productive habits.
  • Writing more effective emails. The best practices we cover in Session 1 provide some practical ways to write more effective emails. Your strategy may involve experimenting with different ways of communicating through email.

After completing Session 1, you’ll put your personal email strategy to the test, applying best practices out in the “real world” and noticing the impact they have on yourself and others.

Session 2 is an opportunity to reconvene as a group and shine the spotlight on what worked, and what still needs work. Drawing upon the insights that surface you’ll refine your personal email strategy and put a plan in place to tame unwieldy inboxes. You’ll also learn about new technologies you can use to make your email more manageable and effective:

  • Managing the Deluge. Learn how you can use the SaneBox and Unroll.me services to dramatically reduce the amount of email that ends up in your inbox. We’ll also look at how task managers like OmniFocus and Todoist can be used to manage requests received by email.
  • Email Habits. Building on what was covered in Part 1, we’ll look at ways to cultivate positive new email habits. This could include using RescueTime to keep track of the amount of time you spend on email and to help ensure that your email usage is headed in the right direction.
  • Writing Effective Emails. We’ll look at how TextExpander can be used to increase the efficiency of your email communications and how Grammarly can be used to avoid embarrassing typos. We’ll also look at how Boomerang for Gmail can be used both to schedule emails and to help ensure that a response is received. We’ll also look at how scheduling solutions such as Doodle and ScheduleOnce can drastically reduce the number of emails you send and receive.
  • Using Email in a Team Environment. Sometimes email isn’t the best choice for management and communications. We’ll take a look at a popular project management solutions like Asana and Trello that, if used effectively, can greatly reduce the amount of email that needs to be exchanged within teams, while also provide a more convenient and efficient way to manage projects than is possible with email.
  • Email Security. It’s important to put measures in place to help ensure unauthorized access to your email. We’ll briefly look at how 1Password and LastPass can help in this regard.

As you go through this session you’ll identify those technologies that you want to adopt in the short-term and those that you’re planning to investigate further in the near future.

Your registration in Taming Your Email includes:

  • Personal Email Strategy Workbook. You’ll use this workbook to define and refine your Personal Email Strategy as you go through the seminar.
  • Access to the Taming Your Email Resources Page. This page contains additional resources, links to recommended books and articles and more.
  • Recordings of Best Practices. You’ll have access to recordings of informational portions of the seminar for future review. Please note that watching these recordings is not a substitute for attending the live seminar.  and that group sharing won’t be included in the recordings.

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