Seminars are more informational in nature, though always include a Q&A component, and often give you the opportunity to interact with other attendees with one-on-one sharing and partner work.

Seminars are designed to be experienced live and in person. After the seminar you'll receive access to a recording of highlights from the event. This is intended for review purposes, and is not a substitute for the live event. Please note that partner and small group sharing is not included in the recording.

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Taming Your Email

When asked to share their biggest productivity challenges, people often include email management at the top of the list. Email has the potential to be a convenient and productive communication medium, but more often becomes a source of stress that leads to wasted hours. Join this seminar (two 90-minute sessions, one week apart), and learn how to turn your relationship with email from foe to friend.

Productive Technology

Facilitator: Tim StringerOpen to Everyone

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