A Global Community at Your Fingertips

People tend to get clear on their direction and purpose when they are working within a community. The people you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on the way you process information, tools and tasks.

People thrive when they are part of a supportive community, and so, we have set out to create resilient, online cohorts that encourage and support change. These communities help you create the space you need to navigate your responsibilities, accomplish your goals and choose how and where you want to direct your energy.

We Are Diverse & Inclusive

Our cohorts are diverse and global, bringing people from all types of professional backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and age groups together in a virtual space.

What becomes evident almost immediately is that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to offer. We are all students and we are all teachers.

Holistic Productivity is a Global Village for modern times. We create opportunities for you to learn and develop productive practices as you interact face-to-face with like-minded people from all over the world.

Our Offerings

Our diverse online offering cover many aspects of personal productivity. Through the magic of video conferencing you'll be able to interact with other people, ask questions and share your own experiences. Want to bring Holistic Productivity to your organization? We offer an in-house course.

Workshops are typically conducted in smaller groups and place an emphasis on hands on exercises and interactions with other participants. Due to their interactive nature, workshops are typically not recorded.

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Seminars are more informational in nature, though always include a Q&A component and often give you the opportunity to interact with other attendees through group sharing and partner work.

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Courses take a deep dive into productivity strategies and practical application in a group environment. We offer public courses in a video-conferenced on-line environment and an in-person corporate course.

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Our Vision

Holistic Productivity Isn’t About Time Management; It’s About Managing How We Spend Our Energy and Where We Place Our Focus.

It’s about incorporating ancient teachings with modern technology. We are redefining the role technology plays in our world so that it can be incorporated and harmonized into our daily lives.

We believe that people will have a better experience with technology if they have access to the right equipment, training and support. Holistic Productivity equips you with the tools and techniques you need to make technology your ally, yet it goes further than that. We help you develop mental practices as well. The mental aspect of transformation considers your work habits, your ability to focus and your intentions.

It is important to not only understand why you want to be more productive, but also how being more productive will positively impact your life. It’s about asking new questions and being open to new answers. It’s about letting go of the way things were and embracing a new rhythm. That’s when change can truly occur.

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