Workshops are typically conducted in smaller groups and place an emphasis on hands-on exercises & interactions.

Please Review Our Workshop Prerequisites Carefully. In some cases, you’ll need to attend one or more courses, workshops or seminars before participating in a workshop. You may also be asked to read content or watch videos in preparation for the workshop. Due to their interactive nature, workshops are typically not recorded.

Breathing 101: Release Stress & Unlock Vitality

When it comes to productivity, being able to breathe effectively is one of the most fundamentally important skills to master. Join this workshop and learn practical ways to tap into your inner calm, even when in stressful environments. Positive breathing habits can also lead to a clear, focused mind and an abundance of energy.


Facilitator: Tim StringerOpen to Everyone

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Holistic Productivity 101

Learn and experience the basics of the Holistic Productivity approach is this fun and engaging 2-hour workshop. You’ll learn the basic concepts of the Holistic Productivity and will be guided through exercises designed to help you apply them to your life and work.

Basics & Approach

Facilitator: Tim StringerOpen to Everyone

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Managing Ideas & Goals with Trello

Do you have dreams and aspirations that tend to get lost in the shuffle? Join this interactive 2-hour workshop and bring form to your aspirations with the support of the group. No previous experience with Trello is necessary. You’ll leave the workshop with Trello boards to help guide your life and work.

Productive Technology

Facilitator: Tim StringerOpen to Everyone

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